There can never be half measures in love,
only all
or nothing.
And if it doesn’t make you tremble
and go mad at the very thought
of losing it
you should move on.
Because you are not allowed
to be a coward
and be in love;
you must choose.
For I have discovered that love,
the best love,
is one that makes you a better person
without changing you
into someone other than yourself.
For I have discovered that if I love you,
you’re getting all of me,
and you’ll never have to wonder how much
or if I can love a little more,
every ounce of what I have will fill you up,
because that is how my heart works.
I have thought my entire life
that I needed seas,
or mountains,
or splendorous city lights
in order to be happy.
What is meant to be is meant to be,
as I believe is true,
about you and me.
The truth is;

I do not care where I am as long as I have you.


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