Were we not created
in the image of God?
We were not imbued
with a shard of the Creator?
To create,
in harmonious
or to destroy,
in infernal chaos.
It would appear
that destroying
has attracted quite
the negative connotation.
There is much glory
and grace
in being broken,
is there not?
To lie in shambles
and look at the crushed
and fractured remnants
of our former selves.
We are
in a state of imperfection;
a constant cycle of
and destruction.
To destroy what we were
and create what we will become.
This is our fate.
Do not linger for too long
in any given cycle,
young one.
For to do nothing but create
breeds arrogance,
and to live solely for destruction
is to forget your will.

Light and Darkness are your strength.


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