I thought too much
felt too much
loved too much
and craved too much
of you.
Everyday I drown in your ocean
sinking as deep as I can
filling every inch of my lungs
with every inch of you.
They say there is sacredness in tears.
That they are not the mark of weakness
but of power.
They speak more eloquently then ten thousand tongues,
and though they are messengers of overwhelming grief,
they are also messengers of unspeakable love.
Sometimes, late at night,
I wonder if your wandering thoughts
ever wonder about me.
You never wrote about me, so I do not know
the kind of things you love about me
if there even was any to begin with.
Maybe writing of me meant that what happened between us
was real.
Maybe that scared you.
Remember that night
you caught me looking at you?
I swear those few seconds I spent
looking into your eyes
I saw everything that I have ever dreamed of.
All I know is whatever happens
I am so much more me
for having loved you.
And although I know it won’t come true
I still wish for you.
Our time together was never enough
but I hope that we can try again
in a place where time does not exist.


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