It was I
who was the fool.
I see that now.
To think
that I could ever be enough
for the likes of you.
I suppose
my cracks gaped
a little larger
than I thought.
Perhaps my flaws
were sorer
than I realized.
I gave you all that I had
and then some.
Not just my heart
but my body
my mind
my spirit,
and still you remained
All that I was
you had
in the palm of your hand
with no reparations.
The love that you so
sought, was mine to give,
but you wanted no part of it.
You abandoned me
and took all of what I was
with you.
to be honest,
I find it quite
You left within me
a barren
and from this
tenantless husk I call
my body
these words flow.
I know not their origin
for they are surely birthed
in a place devoid of Light.

even this Darkness
was a gift.


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