Fear not
for the hour of your doom
is set
and none may escape it.

This adage
has been passed down
throughout time
by my ancestors.
To some, it may seem
rather nihilistic
for if we are destined to fall
why bother living?
Why trouble ourselves
in doing anything at all
when none of it will matter
in the end?

‘Tis the fate of the feeble,
I would imagine
to fail to recognize
the incredible amount of freedom
this thought can grant.

Allow me to show you
the Light.
When we can accept our mortality,
along with the notion
that we are fated to die,
we become incredibly
to say the least.

It allows us to go forward
into any wind
and do the things
that please us most.
It pushes us to live our lives
in such a way
that when Death finally comes for us,
even he will be reluctant to take you.
For you have embraced your life
and lived it with such vigor
and courage,
that it mattered not
when or where you pass
from this life to the next.

Do no consign yourself
to be solely a memory.


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