An antimony core
housed in a jacket
of copper.
A powder
as dark
as the shores of Iceland
and a primer
that grants
the life-giving spark,
to be expulsed from
a lubricated chamber
to ensure maximum accuracy.
Unlimited potential
all packed tightly
in a 9 millimeter shell.
But let us not fool ourselves.
The intent that fuels
these leaden messengers of Death
is not universal,
but rather,
dependent on the force
that summons them.
For they can be used
for good,
by the good
and they can be used
for evil,
by the evil.
Therein lies the beauty
of being unshelled.
We are not unlike them,
can you see?
For within each of us
lies the power
of prospect.
We may become tools
of destruction
or redemption.
Of hope
or anguish.
Of hate
or love.
And like the hand
that pulls the trigger,
we have a choice.
A choice
on where
to aim ourselves.
There is,
one caveat.
A bullet cannot alter its course.
So make your decision
with the utmost care,
for itย will define you.

Whether it sets you free
or binds you,
is up to you.


6 thoughts on “Unshelled

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  1. I love you for writing this piece..esp the last paragraph ” A bullet cannot alter it’s cause..,.for it will define you “. We make hasty decisions when we are angry but the consequences can last a lifetime. My dad once told me to count 20 in my head before responding to an angry word….lt’s our choice to be destructive or redemptive. As for me, l choose the latter.

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