I pity the beings
born in my time the most.
They believe that it is
well to not care
to harden their hearts
to suppress their own emotions
and heart
for the sake of
How is it
that we have become
so ashamed of ourselves
that we find our own emotions
more blight
than blessing?
Do you wish to know the secret
of true strength?
It is not based in sheer physicality,
nor is it won
in the realms of the mind.
humbling strength
is in allowing yourself
to feel.
To cry
to scream
to rage
to laugh
to love.
Do not wait seven minutes
to text the one you love.
Do not play games with yourself,
for this life is short.
Why add to the despair
and anguish of the world
when you can be the reason
one believes in tomorrow?

Do not harden yourself, young one,
for there is much left yet to feel.


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