Does the sun,
when it rises,
seek permission to shine?
It simply does.
As does my love for you.
It is not reliant on whether
you feel like you deserve it,
want it,
or even need it,
it’s just simply there.
And whether you are a million miles
from your home,
or in my very arms,
you will always know the warmth of my love,
just as you know the glow of the sun.
And when the time comes,
eons from now,
when my last spark is spent,
and I go supernova,
I pray that my atoms scatter across time and space,
with the hopes that they may create yet another star,
one that will burn
and more passionate than the star I was before.
So that my love may yet again serve as a reminder,
to you,
that whenever you need me,
I’ll be there.


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