I have heard it said
that the person you think of
when you stand in front of the ocean
is the person you are in love with,
and while I cannot argue that thought,
for I have thought of you many,
many times there,
I wonder if the inverse is true?
What if the person makes you feel as if you were there,
gazing upon the last rays of sunlight reflecting upon the sapphire surface;
I think, that too, means you are in love with that person,
as I am with you.
Your hair, a harmonious splash of sepia strands, like the waves,
crashing against your shoulders,
and your eyes, like chocolate pearls, brilliantly dazzling in the sun,
and your laugh, like the fine spray of the sea, refreshing my senses.
Women like you drown oceans, darling,
and I have no problem going under.


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