I buried you last night.
I do not believe
you even knew my favorite color.
Were my heart not fraught
with the frailties
of the Light,
it would have been much sooner.
But I was given the spark of hope
by the Sun and the Moon,
and I put my faith in you
for far too long.
I found it in myself
to create
for you
a place like this
where my words crafted
elaborate tapestries,
reflecting the memories
that I had come to value
so dearly.
Your laugh would echo throughout
those hallowed halls,
instilling the same sense of wonderment
as it had brought upon me.
I cut precious gemstones
in the shape of you,
so that when were you
to gaze upon the ground
you would see your freckled visage
looking back,
and if you were to gaze up into the heavens,
you would find the pattern of your freckles,
illuminating the night sky like the constellations above.
It may sound strange,
but I see now that they blinded me
to the Shadow that lurked
within your heart.
That shrine
that I had constructed with every ounce
of love
of joy
of hope
that I could dare muster
has not seen your face
in quite some time.
An observation,
have you the time for it;
You told me all there was to know about you.
Your negligent, abusive father.
Your absent, narcissistic mother.
And that pitiful excuse for a partner.
Every struggle you had endured,
I knew.
But not once
did you dare ask about mine.
The day you left,
your goblet was brimming with love
that you knew you did not deserve
while mine lay empty,
not a drop to be found.
So I sealed that place,
but the Light in me
left it so that you could always return
should you have a change of heart.
The Mantle brought me here,
and as Light inverts to Shadow,
so do I.

It was blue,
did you know?

My favorite color was blue.


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