“Hush, my love.” I’ll whisper, cupping my hands around your warm, tear-stained cheeks.
“Look at me. Look at me. Look into my eyes.” I’ll say, gazing deep into your earthy eyes.
See how, like sapphires, my eyes are?
What do you see?
You see a lake, don’t you?
And on this lake, a lonely pier, that stretches out to the center of this calm, tranquil lake.
You walk, slowly, along the worn wooden planks, feeling the cool, time-worn timber beneath your feet.
Your supple hand, gliding along the snow-covered handrails,
You stop at the edge of the pier, and in your pause, you hear the silence.
There is not a single ripple upon the glassy surface of the lake.
All you feel is the quiet.
The Azure.
You notice minute, glistening snowflakes begin to fall around you, dancing in the frigid breeze,
alighting upon the freckles that dot your glowing body,
but you are not cold.
You are merely an observer in this sanctuary, and awe grips you as peer into the lake,
Clear as crystal,
but you still cannot quite see the bottom.
And so you jump.
The rush of crisp water sets fire to your skin, but you are not in pain.
You are surrounded by indigo currents, and you can feel your troubles washed and sailed away.
And as you sink deeper,
and deeper,
and deeper,
you look up to the surface to see
millions and millions of stars.
Do you see how brightly they burn
for you?
The soothing sound of my voice, like an autumn waterfall,
brings you back from the translucent abyss of the lake,
right back to my eyes.
Your pains, your sorrows, your demons, while all too true,
will never touch you in the depths of my blue.


13 thoughts on “Cerulean

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  1. Very beautiful. And very well written. I love the imagery. I enjoyed it immensely all the way to the end. I found the ending a little too sad for my tastes, though. It sounded too much like a suicide. And that suicide was the answer to all their pain. I prefer something that gives a little more hope. But then that’s just me. I still enjoyed the writing immensely. It really drew me in. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. I intended the ending to convey the idea that, while although her pains and struggles were real, they stood no chance were she to look into my eyes. But that is a deeply moving reflection that you happened upon.

      Liked by 1 person

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