I felt it again.
That familiar
where you used to be.
I was in the shower
staring down at my hands.
from a day’s work.
I sat in solemn silence
as I watched the lukewarm water
dribble slowly
collecting the cement
and dirt
that eight hours worth
of back-breaking labor
bestows upon you.

It could not clean it.

I suppose.
I looked down to see
the darkened water
collecting at the drain
as the water pelted
the muscles in my back,
sore as ever.
I run my hands
through my dust-laden hair
scratching at my scalp.
The sensation sends ripples
throughout my body
and for a second
all pain had left me
down the drain
with the dirt.

It was then
when it came to me.
Washed over my being
with a quiet whisper.
The ache returned to my bones
the stiffness retreated back
to my neck.
A long
escaped my lips.

I felt it again.
The absence.
That how I know
you are still there.


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