Were you to gaze
upon the imperfections
of her body,
you would know
the exact moment
when chocolate melts.
When the last chisel is made
into the cutting of a diamond.
When the leaves metamorphose
from green to gold
in preparation for the coming

Were you to listen
to the way she laughs,
you would know
the sound of wind chimes
for the very first time.
You would know
the familiar crunch
of leaves beneath your toes.
You would know
the precise moment,
as her soothing sounds
hit your ears,
that you did not know what music was
until her.

There is seeing her.
and then
there is knowing her.

9 thoughts on “Recollect

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      1. You are most welcome–I found your posts I read tonight quite stunning…in fact, I’m having trouble finding the words to describe both their beauty and their effect on me. I’ll try to think harder next time–and thank you for the Follow.

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      2. Oh yes–there will always be at least one person to whom our writing speaks, whether we know it or not. I’ve been blogging since 2011–and for the most part, people are shy about leaving comments; so when they do, it’s a lovely gift.

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