You found the light of the Sun
too garish for your surreptitious ways
so you concealed yourself in the night.
But it is you who are the fool
for the moon is my ally
and its Light has revealed you
for who you truly are.
I ask you,
What have you gained from such malice?
In what regards have I wronged you so
in which you find it in yourself
to betray the only man
who held you when you fell
who gave you a piece of his shattered self
though he knew
through sacred bond
you belonged to another?
I had assumed
that because your own child
had survived the incurable
a malignancy most foul,
that you would have learned the value
of the human life.
The weight of a soul.
But you had not.
You allowed your hatred and anger
to consume you
and you are brimming with nothing
but contempt
and cruelty.
Were I of baser values
I would truly be hurt by this betrayal,
but I am not.
What moves my hand
is that you took your hatred for me
and used it to endanger my allies,
those that I held dear,
an act
of which
I cannot forgive.
You do not even try to understand
and it is your lust for self-gain
and your willingness to carelessly toss aside
those who care for you
that will be your undoing.

I truly believed in you once.
In your Light.
But now,
you are naught but a pitiful wraith
existing solely on the tepid embers
of your feeble Light.

Darkness is all that awaits you, wretch.


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