What truly inane creatures
human beings are.
They pray to Gods they do not believe in,
beg for miracles without the slightest mote of faith,
and dare to dream of magic
without conviction that they will find it.
I have seen more people
hurt the ones they love,
in the name of love,
than I have seen people
love without limit
without obligation
without compensation.
Love is not something to barter with
nor is it a tool used to inflict pain
and grief
and loss.
The problem lies within ourselves.
We are given
at birth,
a choice.
To be an instrument of Harmony
or Discord.
To say that we are victims of circumstance
robs us of our power to change.
There lies no salvation
in the path of eternal victimizing.
It is only when we cast the same
harsh, critical eye
that we use so fluently on strangers,
upon ourselves
can we ever hope to rise,
to transcend above the Shadow within.

It is in our destiny to change.
To rise above
or to fall below.
It matters not to me
which you choose
but know that the choice
is yours.

And yours, alone.


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