Look to the skies above.
See you the stars?
Do they seek permission to shine
to radiate with every last atom in their bones?
They simply do
as must you.
Were I to ask you
“Name all of the things you love,”
how soon would you name yourself?
Heed my next words closely, young one.
The forces of Light and Shadow are at work here
as they at work within you, too.
Every decision that we make
or do not make
influences this conflict
that has been waged since time immemorial.
I am here to tell you
that your choices matter.
That you must not shackle yourself
to your broken past
for it does not define you
as you may believe it does.
That the future
in all of its unforeseeable glory
is worth the fight.
That within you
lies the power to shake the very foundations
of this world to its molten core.
That you, in all of your shattered dreams
and broken hearts
and insufficient hopes
are enough.
You are Light
and you are Shadow.



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