This phase has been kind to me.
I have resonated with many individuals,
some of whom I saw myself
and others,
I did not.
Perhaps it was their plight I understood
or something deeper.
Though I have many aspects to be thankful for
none pose so much trouble to me
as my heart.
I cannot perceive a defensible reason
as to why my heart burdens itself so greatly
with thoughts like love and tranquility.
I was not abandoned as a child,
nor did I grow without love,
So for the first time,
I am at a loss for words.
Some say that they would rather care too much
than to care too little,
but I have found little respite in that.
I found this shard of me
to be more burden than benefit,
for it has torn asunder my own mind
more than I care to remember.
Could it be more of a curse
to have such a colossal heart?
Never have I known a more
double-edged blade
than one who possesses
a heart such as mine.


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