I have come to a rather profound understanding
as to why the words we give voice to
can cut us deeper than any blade.
It requires energy to produce sound
and through the contractions made
in our throat,
we produce vibrations that travel
to whoever may hear our words.
This is why words can
and often do
Because we can positively or negatively charge
the words we weave,
whether we are conscious of it
or not.
Think of a time when you said something in anger
or perhaps had something negative said to you.
How did you feel?
This is because we can directly affect the soul
when we speak.
This is how we can rally our allies in a fight,
or inspire hope and love in one another
but it is also how we can utterly destroy one’s self-esteem
or break another’s heart.
Our very words have the power to move mountians
or create walls.

Use this power wisely, young one.


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