Two of Cups

If we are meant to be,
than let it be.
No misfortune could arise
that would tear me from you.
Why else would you have asked the Fates
if you were not ready to believe their answer?
They revealed to you the two of cups,
the beauty and power that is unleashed
when two become one.
Is that not the answer you sought?
Why, then, are you bound by the shackles
of fear
and silence?
If you are not prepared for miracles
then do not waste your time
praying for them.
I ask you this question;
if we are not designed by the stars
in the heaven above
to meet and to become one,
and this is all just a fatal error,
then come,
let us make the single most worthwhile mistake
that two beings of Light can make with one another.

Let us take a chance on love.


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