There is not enough whiskey in the world
to drown the thoughts of you.
I can feel your presence,
a permeating,
subtle force in my mind,
like the skittering of rats
in the musty attic
of my empty heart.
The markings you left upon my soul
still ache and quiver
at the very mention of your name.
Your visage,
like a silent, silvery spectre,
haunts my memories
and draws my blood to frigidity,
and the thought of your touch
against the forbidding frost of my skin
makes my very appendages curl
in caustic chaos,
for you would set fire
to the idea
of a life without you.
Is it any wonder
that I remain here,
in the listless Empty
to which you have placed me?
Is it any wonder
that I have succumbed
to the shadows within myself?
The very darkness you found
too revolting in your own heart
you so graciously bestowed upon mine
only to thrust me back into the Void
because I had become as you.

Shadow begets Shadow, you fool.


3 thoughts on “Echoes

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  1. You have wonderful imagery here! I like the lines about a musty attic heart. Lovely!
    Also, thank you for following me!
    I wish you the best for your blog. Feel free to stop by mine anytime and leave feedback or suggestions. I have a Patreon that I’m trying to encourage readers to go to if you’d like to take a look at that as well.
    Happy blogging!
    -Author S


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