To The Moon

Mourn not my passing
as I shift from this plane to the next.
Let no tears escape your eyes
as I turn and face the Light.
I travel not unto foreign lands,
but rather,
my home.
The ivory dunes cast their shadows
upon my furrowed brow,
and as I gaze into the heavens,
I can see the azure waves of the planet
I used to call my own.
I will walk in contemplative silence,
enraptured in the musings that give way
into the recess of my mind.
I never really left at all,
you see.
Look to the cosmos,
and you will see
that I have transcended even the stars.
Though the boundaries of my flesh have broken,
my soul lives on
in the hearts and minds of those who knew me.
It is there I wait,
cloaked in the pearly glow of the celestial body
that orbits our own,
until we meet again.


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