I truly believe that there
is no such thing as forgiveness.
That the only path towards redemption
is penance.
Forgiveness is a crutch
haplessly given to those
who are powerless
to change themselves.
To exhibit clear character flaws
and to respond with “that’s just who I am,”
is the gravest sin one can commit against himself.
Look upon you!
See the shadows within yourself,
and be directed towards change.
To be stagnant in the evolution of our soul
is to invite the musty stink
of rot and decay
into our bones.
I shall not succumb
to cowardice.
I must find it in myself to change,
to be more of what I was
the day before.
Only through penance
may we change the heavens within us.
Only through penance
may we find redemption.
Heed my words;

Guide your inner shadow to the Light.


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