I am the Man in Black.
Cloaked among shadows,
my spirit yearns for the Light,
though my body has betrayed it so.
My armor,
forged by hardships I was forced to endure,
protects me from the mistakes of the past;
or does it hinder my progress towards the future?
I am ever-seeking the truth,
and dark paths I have indeed trodden
in pursuit of wisdom.
I have come to understand my inner shadow,
a cimmerian dragon that lurks in the void
between the thoughts of my mind.
It feeds off my ambition
and pride,
and though I derive great strength
from its ebony scales,
I have begun to doubt its intentions.
The ultimate goal of darkness is to consume.
To make null.
To end.
But the Light?
The Light radiates, ever outward.
The Light extends, ever unto itself.
Were I to get closer to this Light,
I would surely burn.
But I believe I would rather burn for my misdeeds
than to be held safe by my shadow
and fade to black.


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