Split Soul

There exists a tale
in which an old Cherokee
tells his grandson
of an eternal conflict
between two wolves.

One is Evil. Of Darkness. Of Shadow.
It is anger,
lies and ego.

The other is Good. Of Light. Of Radiance.
It is joy,
kindness and truth.

The boy asks which of these wolves is the victor,
to which the old man states,
“The one you feed.”


It is true.
The soul is split as thus.
But to state that you must favor one side
over the other
is foolish.
The true strength of any individual
is found in being able to balance
the duality of our souls.

For without Darkness, one may never revel
in the splendor of the Light,
and truly appreciate it.
For without Radiance, one may never last
a single day within the realms of Shadow.
We need the bad in this life
to value the good,
and the good
to withstand the bad.

So feed both of the wolves.
Light and Darkness cast aloft,
and know true power.


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