The Exodus of Fear

There is no “right time”.Only now.Now is the right time.Faith will carry youwhere your vision fails,little sunflower.All you need is the courageto give up your false sense of security.There will be dark times aheadbut they hold no power over you.The sun awaits you.Reach for it,for Him,and He will surely reachfor you. ~lt

September Eyes

What of the days,those rainy, cozy dayswhere we may sit together,bundled in your grandmother’s quilt,your sunflower face beamingas your honeyed eyes pourinto the pages of your book.Of the days,those balmy, summer dayswhere we may walk together,as we watch him growsturdy and strong, like the oaks in our backyard.What of those days,unlived and unknown,that slip away […]

On The Nature of Sunflowers

I dream in sunflowers.Of a timewhen we might walkhand in handas cool winds kiss our faces.Through the night we walkguided by the moonour words unfetteredby circumstanceuntil at last we seethe rising sun.And we walk onand onand on. ~lt


It was maybe only a moment.Youand I.The sun ignited the honey in your eyesand I held you close.The smell of youflooded my lungs,drowning me,yet I did not want to be saved.In that moment,I knew the struggle of Atlas,of having to carry a worldin your arms. ~lt


I dream of summer stormsraging across fieldsof honey-soaked sage.I dream of cool windsas they whisper through the limbsof knotted pines.I dream of distant shores,golden and warmand the sapphire waters that rush to kiss them.I dream of a wild womanwith eyes like summer storms,the laugh of cool windsand the embrace of golden shores.I dream of youand […]

Alternate Timelines

I wonder what waking up to you would be like.To see you sleeping there,your wild hair spilling over your pillowlike a waterfall of freshly pressed coffee.To see the sun pouring in,lighting up your freckleslike stars in the heavens above.To hear you breathe,a soft wind through the oaks,as you dream your lovely little dreams.I may not […]


I will always have a particular fondnessfor Autumnbecause it was thenbetween the falling of the amber leavesand the ruby soaked sunsetsdid I fall effortlesslyfor you. ~lt

You, and Stars

You know what sounds good?A bottle of cheap wineon a hill overlooking a citywith youin our own little corner of the worldlooking up at the starsand getting drunkoff each other’s laughs.A man can dream for the smaller things,too. ~lt

To Love a Girl Revisited

Take her hand and your lace your fingers through hers,hold it tight.Take the small of her back in the other and cup it gently.Feel her hand upon your shoulderNow sway, softly.Give her a small twirl.There is a certain magic about her,isn’t there?She’s close now,her breath like whiskey on your lips.Look into her eyes and linger;you’ve […]