Not Tomorrow

they only exist
in the past.
it isn’t them
haunting me;
it’s me.
the person i used to be
keeps coming back from the dead
and i fear that one day
i might go back
with him
and never return.



a part of me wishes i never told you.
that i let you walk out that door
never knowing how deeply
i came to love you.
that i could have been
just another friend.
but my damned heart
just couldn’t


White Noise

of self
in timelines
but shadows
dwell here.
in the past.
the ghost
is me.



i lay awake at night
and drift
in time.
their last names
are not the same anymore;
only empty echoes
of star-crossed stories.
the only constant
among them all
is me.
another time.
another me.
another you.



i looked at you
like someone in love.
is it so hard
to believe?
that every decision i had made;
some good,
some bad,
had led me
to you?
that you had been nothing but a dream
to me
until i walked through those doors
and saw you.
i looked at you
like someone in love.
is it so wrong
to say?
those winter walks in the park
as eucalyptus leaves fell around us
were some of the shortest
yet longest
walks I’ve taken.
as if every prayer I’ve ever prayed
had been answered
and came in the form
of a honey-eyed,
wild-haired woman
from my dreams.
i looked at you
like someone in love.
and somehow,
i think i always will.


Dismal Power

most nights are well enough;
you are merely a wisp.
but other nights,
other nights
your face is all i can see
and were you to ask,
there would be nothing
that could keep me
from you.


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