you wish to perform
the greatest heist
this world
has ever seen?
Leave your drills
and your explosives,
your eyes
do plenty more damage.
You will not need
key cards
or passwords,
not with the way
your lips dance
around my name.
A safe,
not of iron and circuitry
but of flesh and blood
is your goal
and if you can find a way
to bypass the tumblers
in my mind
you will have landed yourself
the score
of the century;

my heart.


To Stone

From skin
to scales
did Medusa turn.
Her beauty,
once legend,
did tempt
the greatest God
of the sea
and in her ruination
sowed the seeds
of rage
in the wisdom
of the Owl.
Though a curse,
to be sure,
who is to say
that such a hex
could not also
serve partly
as a gift?
By force
was Medusa’s innocence taken;
could it not also be said
that by turning all
who look upon her
to stone
that Athena saved her
from ever being ravaged


The Cavern

There is no greater sin
that one can commit,
whether against himself
or another,
than ignorance.
To know not
what you do
or even why
is a genuine hell.
Though the fires of truth
will burn
it is only temporary
and the pain you feel
is nothing more
than your false conceptions
being reduced to ash.
You may begin
to feel pity
or perhaps
for your fellow man
for he cannot see his suffering
but I will offer you
this small bit
of advice.

You may try to help him
and that is all well
and good
but I am telling you
that no man
is responsible
for anyone’s salvation
but his own.