your current circumstances,
no matter how bleak
or dismal,
are all integral
to the story of your redemption
that He is writing.


Ebon Petal

from the mire
of iniquity
would ask
to not be forgotten
when the age of Light
shines on all that are found


Writ of Thorn and Petal

i feel my age of writing
is coming to an end.
summoning visions,
night after night,
only exhausts;
only drains.
were it so easy
to only draw upon
the joy
i once felt.
bringing you out
from within the tumblers of mind
only hastens the descent
of the scythe.
i implore you;

it is not enough
to bury the shadow.
only when basked
in glorious light
will it end
with you.

and i will do my best
to make sure
it ends
with me.



some days
you are nothing more
than a butterfly
and i admire the way
you effortlessly flit
through my mind.
but other days,
you are downpour
and it’s like
i never got over you
at all.


The Burning

come to me,
oh Lord,
that i might know you.
arm me,
not in the ways of this world
but in your Word,
so that instead of relying
on my emotions,
which are easily manipulated
and changed,
i can rely on your Promise,
which does not ever change.


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