Breach of the Heart

After we were done,
I stood
and looked at myself
in the mirror.
The lines under my eyes
were more pronounced
than they had ever been,
my eyes
had lost
a bit of their luster.
I looked down at my hands
as the cold water
from the sink
ran over them.
I could not even feel
were my hands
A long sigh
escaped my cracked lips,
and I wondered
how many times
we are willing
to forgive someone
simply because we
are terribly afraid
of losing them,
even if somewhere,
deep down,
we know
that they do not deserve
the forgiveness
of a good heart.




To tell you the truth
this life
is one
of countless struggles.
There will always
be someone stronger
than you.
There will always
be someone
faster than you.
There will always
be someone
prettier than you.
There will always
be someone
smarter than you.
these do not serve
to make you think less of yourself.
Do not live your life
in envy
of others;
you do not know
how they have suffered
to be where they are now.
Use these discrepancies|
to motivate yourself
to be better than you were
Perhaps the greatest asset
as individuals,
is our ability
to change who we are
and the things we have always done
in favor
of something better.



I cannot fathom
a more toxic mentality
“accept who you are”
“you are good as you are”
“be in love with your flaws”.
Passing off clear character flaws
as “just who I am”
is the pinnacle
of laziness
and arrogance.
If we are not constantly
setting goals,
reinventing ourselves,
and striving for greatness,
then we are no more fit to live
than those who watch their lives
pass right in front of their eyes,
who look on in jealousy
as those with the bravery
and determination
to make their dreams come true
go out
and do so.
Accepting a flaw
does not erase it.
We are beings
of greatness,
infused with the power
to change the very course
of history
should we have
the hope
to do it.

Because no one else